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Bangladesh pupulation


Rapid- fire growth of birth rate without any check. It’s a constant trouble to our terrain and actuality. It’s the topmost problem in Bangladesh. The land area of Bangladesh is lower than her vast population. For this reason, Bangladesh is considered as an overpopulated country. There are multitudinous reasons for the adding population in our country. The main reasons for the adding population are ignorance, superstitions, early marriage and lack of womanish education. Overpopulation growth has multitudinous negative goods on our life and actuality. lt hampers our profitable progress. It causes various problems. Poverty, ignorance, severance problem, health, and sanitation problemetc. are some of them. It’s a great handicap to the development of our country. It also pollutes our terrain. Though the population is an asset of a country, it has now come a burden for our country. therefore, population growth must be kept under control.


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