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The snake


There are about 10 species of cobras of which two are set up in India. They’re Ophiopkagus hanah and Naja bungarus. Cobra is a veritably toxic snake. It’s generally set up in timbers. Usual length is 2- 3 metres. The colour is black or buff. The hood is well developed. It’s supported by long caricatures located just behind the head. The hood bears marks like specs. In some cobras there are two specs marks while in others there’s a single specs mark. Under the neck there are set up 2 or 3 dark belly plates. The fang is open type Kraits is lower in size compared to the cobras and measures1-1-25 metre. The colour of the body is glistering black with direct bends. They’re set up in auditoriums , on the roof of bung- lows. The bane fangs are small. The securities in the belly are broad. The tail is round at the tip. Central rows of scales down the reverse are large and hexagonal. The plates under the tail are entire


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