The cow is the most popular domestic beast in our country. It has two eyes, four legs, and two cornucopias. You’ll find cows in nearly every house in townlets. It gives us milk. Milk is a veritably important food item for us. In different corridor of India, the cow is worshipped as like God. The cows are seen in different colors, similar as red, black, slate, and white. Cow meat is a popular food worldwide. It’s considered as one of the stylish quality meat in the world. utmost of the Muslim countries raise cows for meat. Cow milk is veritably nutritional and people can make adulation, yogurt, and different types of food from cow milk. Cow leather is also veritably precious. People use them to make shoes and belts. Cow soil is also important. It’s possible to make electricity and gas from cow soil. It’s easy to raise a cow. They eat lawn and water substantially. occasionally you can feed them straw or different cow food as fresh food. There are lots of significance and good sides of a cow that we ca n’t complete jotting. It’s a veritably useful beast for the vill terrain. Indeed it helps growers in their field.


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