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The captain is a wild beast. He’s also known as the king of the timber or Jungle. As he’s the stylish huntsman in the timber. He has a strong body having four legs, a large head and two eyes which gives a glowing effect to his look. It has sharp teeth and claws help in eating his prey and also while stalking. His body is covered with greyish small and smooth hair. He eats meat and has the capability to run veritably dieted And the roar of the captain makes him a lot notorious, as he roars veritably loudly, as the roar of a captain can be heard from nearly 5 long hauls distance. Lions are generally set up in timbers and also prisoned in some zoo and can also be set up in centuries and Circus. Their vestiges are so- called pugmarks. Lions generally live in a group which is called Pride which has 20 to 40 Napoleons in it. In pride, there are only one or two adult Napoleons and rest are a lioness and their cubs. Lions are veritably defensive of themselves their cubs and the place they live. They can fight with other creatures in order to cover their food place and their group. And in the pride manly Napoleons generally stay with their group and womanish Napoleons do stalking. Generally, Napoleons sleep at day time and quest at night.


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