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Sundari tree, one of the most common mangrove species in the Sundarbans, is fading from the timber because of colorful conditions. The conditions include “ top- dying complaint ” which has killed 15 of the trees since the 80s. In the last 30 times,1.44 million boxy measures of Sundari trees, worth Tk,000 crore, have been lost to “ top- dying complaint, ” experts said. Climate change has lead to an increase in the saltness of the water and soil of the Sundarbans which is another reason for the rapid-fire decline in the number of Sundari, Passur, and Keora trees. Gewa and Goran are being planted in the timber in place of the Sundari trees. Gewa and Goran are now grown in 50 of new places. There are 334 species of trees and shops in,143- sqkm area out of,017 sqkm. According to experts, the change in the amounts of saline and sweet water causes detriment to mangrove timbers. Increases of saline water are fatal to Sundari trees; and thish is passing in the Sundarbans


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